P. Racicot, Board member

Retired from about twenty jobs, mainly as a clerk in the financial industry.


DEC in Pure and Applied Sciences (Health Sciences and Humanities programs completed).

A year in anthropology, some courses in economics.

An honors bachelor degree in religiology (religious sciences).


I am a devourer of scientific and political information in all fields, especially passionate about paleontology in recent years. I am interested in energy issues (depletion of hydrocarbons and possible alternatives, etc.) and in the depletion of ore : zinc, copper, nickel, etc.

I feed daily the Centre for monitoring natural disasters (Centre de surveillance des catastrophes naturelles) : a Facebook page (in French) devoted to the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, the extinction of species, earthquakes, extreme weather events , pollution, water stress, etc.

I read and regularly shares the writings of Matthieu Auzanneau (which deals with the depletion of hydrocarbons), those of Gail Tverberg, Harvey Mead, Paul Chefurka, Dmitry Orlov, etc.

I have no doubt about the coming global collapse of the industrial civilization. Identifying, analyzing, assessing the various “factors” that already contribute to this collapse is intellectually stimulating. Just as the various efforts – with varying degrees of naivete – to “ignore” what’s coming. Slowing (in) the descent, “stretching the sauce over the steak” is fine with me and deserves encouragement. Doing our best to survive in the long run… In this sense, there is still much to think about and do.


My blog : http://paulracicot.blogspot.ca

email : paulracicot@hotmail.fr

FB : facebook.com/pracicot2