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Adrastia comes from ancient Greek Adrasteia, “from which there is no escape ».

Adrasteia is the patron nymph of Zeus (as he was a child) against the evil Cronus (Cronos, Kronos).

For the first time in history, the answer to the question of the end of humanity is no longer about belief, but information.

Egypt of the pharaohs, the Roman Empire, the Khmer city of Angkor… as they thought of themselves to be eternal, some of the greatest civilizations have disappeared completely, not because they had lost their last war but simply because their economy had outgrown the capacities of their environment to bear their requirements, or because their environment had changed too suddenly (climate, deforestation… read this article).

If, by the past, periods of human decline occurred only locally, punctually all populations are now faced with the limits of adaptability. In a global economy and on an isolated planet they all participate in the exploitation of resources and none is immune to the effects of global warming. Thus the decline ahead will definitely be the last, because when humanity will have profoundly disrupted the vital ecological balance, no life survival strategy will be possible : as all resources will have been consumed no rebirth will be possible. And the most powerful beliefs won’t do.

Depending on the models and the data to which the Adrastia Committee refers (1), during the 2020s even the most rich and powerful people will see their level of comfort and safety drop. The decline already initiated today will then become global. And it is not certain that the conditions will remain favorable for all humanity at the end of this century.

Adrastia plans to help us prepare for the inevitable in an honest, responsible and dignified manner.

The Manifest

The Ethics (in French)

Join Adrastia (in French)

The main tasks of Adrastia :

  • To communicate rational and verifiable information on the human decline to avoid as much as possible surprise, stupor and anxiety, which could have consequences such as counterproductive decisions, individualistic withdrawal and uncontrollable chaos.
  • Action: to prepare ourselves for the risk or reality of the loss of comfort and safety in a human world that is unraveling.

The means of Adrastia :

  • Observatories: data collection, monitoring events.
  • Working Groups: detection and reporting of obscurantism, to think and tell about the negative aspects of the decline (resources depletion, reduced comfort, labor market impacts, dereliction)…

(1) – Models and data confronted with the actual measurements that describe the world as it is, not as as hoped it should be.

(2) – Read the Ethics of the Committee. (in French)