R. Perrot, Treasurer

Born in 1978

Train driver, SNCF, Lyon.

Married, 2 children.

Why am I with you?

I have long been in a kind of social adaptation, I was doing what I was asked for, but mostly what was expected of me. I had to go to school, I went there. I had to find a steady job, I’ve found one. To marry and have children ? Done. A classic. And as I stood in this classic journey, everything was fine.

However, questions have arisen in my life, of personal commitment issues, career choices… Each time, the absence of an answer or the inability to make a choice has always prevailed. I’ve never felt so selfish as when I was a volunteer at the « Restos du coeur », I’ve never felt so union activist as when I was in an executive training programm, I have always felt very close to liberalism when I was in a union meeting…

In a decision, all my thoughts were taking me to the same conclusion : whatever my choices, the final consequences would be the same and the course of evolution remain the same. There is no true answer to every question, but a global truth which makes all choices valid.

What I look for in Adrastia

As my thinking progressed, I felt more and more the need to talk about it. Unfortunately, the interlocutors are few now, and I do not feel to proselytize. My goal is not to convince people in endless and fruitless debates. So, I’m looking for the opportunity to speak freely, dispassionately and intelligently, to flesh out my arguments, not to base myself only on my feelings, to be able to project myself into our future and our children’s by estimating at best how this can happen, or stop. In short, listen to each hypothesis to figure out more accurate ones and help me in my current life choices.

My goals within Adrastia

What interests me most is the various thoughts of individuals which took them to our common conclusion. And also the management of intellectual paradoxes of those who have not yet reached this conclusion, who still believe in a possible solution or do not accept to not believe it anymore. I think of those who, despite their actions and hopes, keep an unpleasant and uneasy feeling when they stay up to date on the subject.

So, it is the development of tools or of support to these people in their thinking ways, their paths, which are of particular interest to me, as to show them they are not alone, especially not crazy !